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BIO - 


Bobby Campbell moved to Los Angeles in 2006 to pursue a career in Audio Engineering and Mixing. Starting as an intern at Westlake Recording Studios, working for Steve Burdick and Al Machera. He quicky moved up the ranks to engineer for some of the top recording artists and producers in the business. A strong background in music theory and performance provides easy communication for clients working in any genre of music. In 2012, He left Westlake as a full-time employee to become a freelance recording and mixing engineer, starting the company BC Mix. In the past few years he has been busy stacking up several engineering and mixing credits including Logic, Andra Day, Common, Michael Bolton and many others. "The Control Room" studio was set up in 2015, located in North Hollywood, CA and has become a home base for his work...Although, still working throughout Los Angeles in some of the countries top recording facilites, including: Westlake Studios, United Recording, EastWest Studios, Record One, Larabee Studios, Blakelsee Studios, Glenwood Place Studios, The Village, Record Plant, Bay 7, and Jungle City (New York).  This combination of client and studio knowledge has been able to propel him to the top of the industry, providing professional and effiicient recording/mixing for both major label and independent artists. Always continuing the quest for further education and constant growth, Bobby looks forward to any opportunity to help passionate artitsts, musicians, producers and songwriters portray their music to listeners across the globe!!

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